Authorities Break up Illegal Party of 130 in Amnesia Ibiza

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A group of clubbers threw caution to the wind for an illicit private party at Amnesia Ibiza over the weekend. On Sunday morning, 130 were forced to leave the superclub as it’s currently forbid from operating on account of COVID-19 restrictions.

The attendees wore no masks and paid little attention to social distancing, according to El Pais. Local police and The Guardia Civil arrived around 7:00 AM after receiving a noise complaint and ordered those onsite to disperse. Only venues with a capacity of 300 or less can operate with a strict 2:00 AM curfew; Amnesia sits at 5,000.

Selective Amnesia

The incident followed the announcement of bar and nightclub restrictions that will largely put a damper on the Ibiza summer season. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro SanchezMay announcement that the country would allow tourism in July that gave nightlife professionals hope, only for subsequent Phase 3 reopening guidelines to dash it apart.

Amnesia’s owners certainly seemed to receive the message loud and clear. “Due to the latest government updates, we’ve been forced to cancel all the events scheduled for July,” they wrote in a June 24th statement. “Our goal has always been to ensure the safety and health of us all, for this reason, we’re still looking forward to push the new normality regulation review that will be published next July 6th.”

Lawmakers have filed a complaint against Amnesia Ibiza for hosting an illegal party.

Image credit: Sarthak Navjivan

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