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Glastonbury Festival’s 50-Year History Documented in Online V&A Museum Campaign


The longest-running U.K. festival of its kind would have celebrated its 50th birthday this week. Although canceled due to COVID-19Glastonbury Festival‘s history will be honored through a campaign launched by London’s V&A Museum.

In addition to The Glastonbury Festival Archive, which the V&A Museum has overseen since 2014, the project calls upon attendees to share stories from past editions as part of a memory collection. As reported by The Guardian, it kicked off on Monday, June 22nd and will remain active for seven days.

Dance Music and Glastonbury

Owing to its integral role in U.K. youth culture, much of Glastonbury’s history has been intertwined with electronic music. As noted by The Guardian, acid house became a prominent fixture of the festival – fittingly in 1989 – because of crews like Sugarlump and Mindscapes.

Although the coronavirus pandemic derailed the 50th anniversary of the festival, organizers hope to bring it back in 2021. Dates for next year’s edition have yet to be announced at the time of writing.

Browse The Glastonbury Festival Archive here.

Image Credit: Glastonbury Festival

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