Yotam Avni Delivers Explorative Deep House Album, Was Here

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Deep House, House, Sounds | 0 comments

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Tel Aviv, Israel artist Yotam Avni has wrapped up an endeavor nearly a decade in the making. His 11-track debut album, Was Here, is out now by way of Kompakt.

Riding a serene line that straddles deep house and ambient, Was Here ventures outside the four-on-the-floor format just often enough to yield a more cerebral, conceptual work. Songs like “Free Darius Now” and “Thoughts” pair organic instrumentals with elegantly simple sound design to spark something primal through a tale of tone and texture.

Come a Long Way

Yotam Avni’s sound has arguably come into its own over the past several years of his career. He debuted on a U.S. label called Seasons Limited with a 12-inch record titled That’s What The World Needs whose title track featured Chris Dockins. The more formulaic cut was a far cry from the inventive and oft abstract synthesis of electronic music styles encapsulated in Was Here.

Avni’s debut album is not his first release on Kompakt. Last year, he delivered a three-song EP titled Speicher 109 by way of the Cologne, Germany imprint.

Was Here can be purchased in digital and vinyl formats via Bandcamp.

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