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U.K. Clubs Could Reopen with Mandatory “Entry Checks”


Perhaps U.K. lawmakers have taken to heart speculation that last weekend’s illegal Manchester raves came about in the absence of a clear-cut reopening timeline. Nightclubs, beer gardens and other venues could reportedly resume business as early as July 4th as long as they implement “entry checks” of all attendees.

That is, if a government leak obtained by The Times holds any weight. It suggests that temperature checks, hand sanitation, and socially distant queueing are among the requirements of establishments in the next phase of restriction easing.

The U.K. required that all bars, clubs and festivals to halt operations in March in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. With over 300,000 confirmed cases at the time of writing, the country has one of the highest populations of infected people in the world. The pandemic is expected to take a toll on the music industry; last month the Association of Independent Festivals forecast an “independent festival wasteland” without government intervention.

The announcement is expected to be made soon by prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Image Credit: Sarthak Navjivan

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