Jeff Mills Delivers Latest Millsart EP, Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 8

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Culture, Stories | 0 comments

Fans who have enjoyed hearing Jeff Mills revisit his Millsart project in 2020 have cause for celebration. The Detroit techno figurehead has delivered Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 8. It’s out now on Axis Records.

Mills doesn’t deviate from the previous releases under his Millsart alias in Vol. 8. Warbling, meandering melodies set the body of work apart from his typically dissonant techno releases. The nine singles comprising the effort carry forward the legacy of a project Mills inaugurated all the way back in 2000.

Jeff Mills Revisited

Few personalities represent electronic music’s intellectual side with quite as much poise as Jeff Mills does. Originally part of Detroit techno collective Underground Resistance, he played a hands-on role in the genre’s protest music roots. Over the years his contributions to the genre have pushed it forward sonically as well as philosophically.

As Black Lives Matter protests have erupted throughout the world in recent weeks, Mills has returned to social commentary. Although notably articulate, the DJ and producer has leveraged his online presence to share articles on topics surrounding racial injustice without commentary of his own.

Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 8 is available for purchase on the Axis Records website.

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