Stephan Jacobs and Beatport’s Former CEO Launch Live Stream Aggregator, On Now TV

by | Jun 18, 2020 | Industry, Stories | 0 comments

A handful of electronic music industry professionals have debuted a service for which there’s a clear-cut market during COVID-19 quarantines. On Now TV offers a variety of services geared towards live stream viewers and curators.

On Now TV’s founding members are L.A. producer Stephan Jacobs, former Beatport CEO Matt Adell, renowned audio engineer Henry Strange, and web developer Terrence Scoville. The platform provides services for fans and content creators alike. The former can create watchlists as well as receive updates about their favorite channels, and the latter are able to post promotional pages for their streams that integrate with multiple social media platforms in addition to sending messages to all of their followers.

Ratings, engagement metrics and reviews are among the features offered to all users.

Electronic musicians are by no means the only artists to utilize the service. In addition to streams curated by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fools Gold Records, acts like QuestloveBob Weir and Ivan Neville are among the featured streamers.

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