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Musica Lunar Push “Argentinian Sound” with 2nd Compilation


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Furthering their mission to encapsulate the “Argentinian Sound,” Musica Lunar have released their second compilation. Musica Lunar 2 comprises 60 songs from Argentinian artists, weaving a curiously common thread throughout the house spectrum.

Several of the artists whose submissions were included on the album have little to no online presence. Among the standouts are “Raised” by Aure and Ninin, “Hiss On Hiss” by Furz, and “Pattern 360” by Mod32. At once cohesive and sonically diverse, the compilation makes a strong case for the Argentinian Sound emerging as a sought-after trend in dance music.

Sonido Argentino

Although appreciative of the culture of global citizenship fostered by the dance music community, Musica Lunar focus on Argentinian artists first and foremost. In a July, 2019 call to action, they wrote, “We live in a globalized world that allowed us to learn, nurture many different cultures and we appreciate it, but today we feel it’s time to balance the scale and give the value it deserves to our music and national artists.”

Musica Lunar 2 follows the debut installment of the compilation series, which came out in April of 2019. The collective also hosts a monthly radio show in collaboration with Radio Electronica Argentina.

Stream or download all 60 tracks comprising Musica Lunar 2 via Bandcamp.

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