Hala Bahma’s “My:Emi” a Standout of R&S Records’ RV Trax, Vol. 5

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Dark Skies” by Tension turned out to be one of many compelling tracks on RV Trax, Vol. 5. Now that the compilation is out in full via R&S Records, “My:Emi” by Hala Bahma has also garnered its fair share of attention.

It’s well deserved. A serenely simple melody soars over wonky percussion in such a way that it lingers in your mind long after the track ends. Curiously, the arrangement needs not deviate far from its motif to take the listener on a journey.

Hala Bahma Demystified

“My:Emi” appears to be the debut release of Hala Bahma. The duo consists of Sardinia, Italy producers Alessio Mereu and WTTM A.K.A. Matteo Frau.

Mereu (pictured right) is a tenured fixture of electronic music. His career extends at least as far back as 2007, and he’s released on labels like Cocoon Recordings and Mindshake.

By comparison, Frau (pictured left) appears to have come into his own more recently – although he’s proving prolific. The same day that RV Trax, Vol. 5 came out, a live version of his ambient single, “Halasu pt. 2,” appeared on No Way Records‘ Haunting Memories Vol. 2 compilation.

Stream or download RV Trax, Vol. 5 across platforms by way of R&S Records here.


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