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Goldie, DJ Hype to Appear in Documentary, Drum & Bass: The Movement


A veritable who’s who of drum and bass are featured in an upcoming documentary by Drum&BassArena. Titled Drum & Bass: The Movement, it premieres via Youtube on Monday, May 25th, 2020.

The film will explore a segment of the genre’s history from 1996-2016, according to its Youtube description.  It will include exclusive footage and interviews with notable figureheads like GoldieDJ Hype and Roni Size, whose careers extend to the jungle/breakbeat hardcore era at its roots. Drum & Bass: The Movement was directed by Bailey Hyatt, produced by Craig Haynes, and written by Dave Jenkins.

Drum & Bass: The Movement explores how a unique UK club culture rose from an underground movement to become a global phenomenon infiltrating and influencing disciplines from mainstream pop music to video games,” reads a passage of the description. “From dubplates to mainstream crossovers, to the labels, the tracks and the clubs that shaped the game, Drum & Bass: The Movement is a snapshot of jungle drum & bass history and how it’s always been much more than a genre of dance music: it’s a lifestyle.”

Once it premieres, Drum & Bass: The Movement will be available for streaming here.

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