Berlin Group Booking United Ask Government to Aid DJs in Open Letter

by | May 20, 2020 | Industry, Stories | 0 comments

A Berlin advocacy group has resumed operations in light of COVID-19 to lobby on DJs and other performers’ behalf. Similar to recent campaigns by U.K. initiatives like the AIF and NTIA, Booking United have shared an open letter highlighting a double standard dictating which artists are eligible for government aid during the pandemic.

According to Booking United’s proposal, DJs and other live acts have been snubbed by the German Government’s April 29th, 2020 decision to pay out cancellation fees to artists contracted by federally funded institutions. “That is very noble, but by restricting the payment of cancellation fees to only those who have contracted engagements with cultural institutions funded by the federal government, help is being denied for 80% of all performing artists,” reads a passage. “We are opposed to such a two-class society and propose the immediate compensation for all verifiably lost fees due to cancelled engagements for all artists.”

To that end, the letter suggests that fees of up to 60% be paid to artists who initially entered into agreements for €1,000 or less, and 40% if more up to €2,500. It also calls for the government to expand on urgent support packages supplied to creatives and provide a step-by-step reopening schedule to help inform entertainment brands’ decision making process.

Read Booking United’s open letter in its entirety here.

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