Jeff Mills Announces 2nd 2020 LP via Millsart Alias

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It appears as though Jeff Mills‘ Millsart alias is back for good. The Detroit techno mainstay and Underground Resistance co-founder has announced another LP under the project titled Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 6. It’s due out April 16th, 2020 via his own label, Axis Records.

The album will follow Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 5, which came out in January. Mills kicked off the series in 2000, but he hasn’t released music under his Millsart moniker since 2003. The most recent installment followed in the same vein as those preceding it: dreamy, melodic soundscapes that contrast somewhat with his typically dissonant techno fare.

A quote from Mills obtained by Resident Advisor says the album “is uniquely crafted to ease restlessness, soothe impatience and at the same time build high life expectations while opening the passages to a better understanding of what you are searching for.” Future editions of Every Dog Has Its Day are slated for release in May, June, July and September.

Jeff Mills’ Futurist Statement:

Both as a DJ/producer and a greater thought leader, Jeff Mills has contributed much to the conversation around electronic music. Underground Resistance – also the brainchild of Robert Hood and “Mad” Mike Banks – not only pushed the envelope sonically, but also as protest music.

Perhaps best known for tracks like “The Bells” or his highly technical style of DJing, much of Mills’ recent work derives influence from classic sci-fi films. His 2018 album, Lost In Space, saw him enlist the Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto Casa da Música for symphonic elements.

Find the tracklist for Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 6 via Axis Records below.

1. Phoenix Rising
2. Motor Vehicle Dept
3. What’s So Funny
4. Six By Six By Nine
5. The Big Deal
6. The Possession
7. L’addition S’il Vous Plait
8. World Wide Woops
9. Axis Identification

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