Kevin Saunderson Tests Positive for COVID-19

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Stories | 0 comments

Kevin Saunderson has shared that COVID-19 is in fact the culprit of his flu-like symptoms. The Belleville Three member and core figure in Detroit techno said that tests to that effect came back positive.

In a post to his Facebook page on Tuesday, Saunderson explained that his ailments had started two weeks prior. “I have been under the weather for the past 14 days with flu-like symptoms,” he said. “I was concerned, so I called into the doctor’s office and they said I had coronavirus-like symptoms, and to come in to get tested.” Saunderson said that after taking the test he had been waiting for two weeks to receive the results.

On Wednesday, Saunderson posted a subsequent video confirming that he tested positive for COVID-19. “I did get my results in about an hour ago,” he said. “The doctor called me and told me I was positive with the coronavirus.”

Saunderson reassured fans that he felt better than he had previously, and that he would remain at home where he could focus on recovery. He promised to wear a mask when he did eventually go out, but said that he expected to remain at home at least a week or two longer.

As of this writing, numerous globetrotting DJs have come down with COVID-19. One of the first was John Acquaviva, who told CBC back in March that healthcare providers had taken two weeks to test him for the coronavirus despite being “a guy who ticks off the boxes” on account of his frequent travel.

As with countless electronic musicians, Saunderson said that he’s spent his time in quarantine working on new music.

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