Review: Mall Grab’s How The Dogs Chill, Vol.1 Tests the Limits of Lo-Fi

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The lo-fi genre may still have uncharted territory to explore if Mall Grab‘s latest is any indicator. The Australia-born, London-based DJ and producer has inaugurated his Looking For Trouble imprint with the release of a four-track EP titled How The Dogs Chill, Vol.1.

Mall Grab (whose real name is Jordon Alexander) debuted the EP’s lead single, “Liverpool Street In The Rain,” in his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix last year. The song’s antiquated production values and simplistic melody liken it to the releases of lo-fi artists like Ross From Friends and DJ Seinfeld.

The other three tracks on How The Dogs Chill, Vol.1 serve to broaden the horizons of the genre, however. “Bust” and “Get Impetuous” exhibit almost grime-like influences, each concept hinging around samples of gritty hip-hop verses. “Looking For Trouble,” on the other hand, is underscored by a syncopated drum pattern that – when coupled with the nostalgic production values – hints at ’80s electro.

In the context of Mall Grab’s discography and the greater lo-fi genre alike, How The Dogs Chill, Vol.1 is a step forward. Music fans who fetishize the sonic flaws of old recordings will delight in its calculated imperfections, but it successfully avoids rehashing the concepts delivered by similar artists.

How The Dogs Chill, Vol.1 by Mall Grab arrived by way of Looking For Trouble on September 21st. Download the digital album or purchase a limited edition 12″ vinyl record via Bandcamp.

Source: Mixmag

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