Review: Gems to Uncover in Realm Of Consciousness Pt. III on Afterlife

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A compilation of music ranging from deep house to ethereal techno comprise Realm Of Consciousness Pt. III on Afterlife. The Tale Of Us-run imprint has offered up 15 singles – some of which are more compelling than others.

The Italian duo themselves kicked the effort off with “Nova,” which they teased out two days ago as the lead single. While not poorly produced, its slow-building melodies don’t shy away from sonic clichés that also dilute plenty of other entries in the album. “Paradigm” and “Nuits Fauves” by Agents Of Time and Ovend, respectively, lean on similarly overused Moog Mother-32 synths (assuming they weren’t hastily pulled from Beatport‘s Deep House Visionary sample pack).

A handful of tracks carry the compilation. The clearest standout is “Motion” by Recondite and Henrik Schwarz, whose tasteful disharmony creates a simultaneously soothing and suspenseful mood. Sterac‘s “Universum” and Edit Select‘s “Phase In” encapsulate an ambient-infused style of deep techno that, although popular as of late, hasn’t totally run its course.

Although the selective listener may not not enjoy the entire Realm Of Consciousness Pt. III tracklist, it bears mention that nearly every entry maintains some measure of dance floor utility. More passive enjoyers may still find much of merit in the compilation.

June 29th marks the official release of Realm Of Consciousness Pt. III on Afterlife. Find the album’s tracklist below, and pre-order it via Beatport.

1. “Nova” by Tale Of Us
2. “Paradigm” by Agents Of Time
3. “Motion” by Henrik Schwarz and Recondite
4. “Nuits Fauves” by Ovend
5. “Portal” by Mind Against
6. “Lotus” by Fideles
7. “Tide Slide” by SCB
8. “Quantic” by Øostil
9. “Universum” by Sterac
10. “Phase In” by Edit Select
11. “Subterrel + Ex Funzione” by Antonio Ruscito and Luigi Tozzi
12. “Cyclone” by Kosme and Konstantin Sibold
13. “Changing Weather” by Hunter/Game
14. “Magoa” by Kevin de Vries
15. “Ibn Sina” by Tone Depth

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