Carl Cox and Chip E Rework House Classic “Time To Jack”

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Two house music heavyweights from opposite sides of the pond have proven a seminal house anthem timeless. Chip E and Carl Cox have updated the former artist’s 1985 single “Time To Jack” and released it via the latter’s Intec Digital imprint.

For how few creative liberties either artist took, “Back 2 Jack” fits well within the context of Cox’s recent tech house discography. The source material’s nostalgic production values may have been lost to the update’s modern sound design and re-recorded vocal, but its central motif ultimately remains intact.

Full Circle

“Time To Jack” has symbolized a bond between Carl Cox and Chip E (real name Irwin Larry Eberhart II) since long before the track’s rework was a glimmer in either artist’s eye. Cox has cited it as the first acid house record he ever purchased, although early Detroit techno by the likes of Derrick May would shape his aesthetic during the years when he reached international stardom.

Eberhart refers to Cox as one of his best friends, and the two have toured together extensively. Cox founded Intec Digital in 1999, and following a four-year hiatus the label has also provided a platform for such household names as UmekBoris and Frankie Bones.

“Back 2 Jack” by Carl Cox and Chip E arrived by way of Intec Digital on May 18th. Download both versions of the track via Beatport.

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