Eric Prydz Serves Up Cirez D Remix of “Directions” by Beton

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With festival season well under way, Eric Prydz looks to be ramping up releases. Last week he announced a Pryda EP in the works. Today he’s delivered a Cirez D remix of “Directions” by Beton via Tiga‘s Turbo Recordings imprint.

The techno Prydz puts out under his Cirez D alias often lacks the nuanced texturing of more sophisticated selections. His “Directions” remix doesn’t make up for it with much in the way of conceptual substance. What atonal noise he contributed in his rendition clashes with the nostalgic, rubbery synth melody of the source material.

While the layered melodies and meticulous sound design of Prydz’ progressive house releases have garnered the Swedish producer worldwide renown, his techno releases as Cirez D seldom measure up. As he caters to a younger fan base, few of them have discerning enough tastes to recognize that it dilutes his discography as a whole.

Beton remains an anonymous producer (a la Teser). “Directions” was his Wevie Stonder collaboration which Tiga released on Turbo Recordings in February after testing it out live.

Source: Dancing Astronaut

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