Chris Sterio and Sean McClellan Bridge the Pond on Grace EP

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The most recent product of Chris Sterio and Sean McClellan‘s decade-long partnership arrives soon by way of Pangea Recordings. The Grace EP sees the two producers serve up a tasteful fusion of progressive and tech house with Zed WhiteRi ZaSapiens and Matt Black on remixing duties.

The original mix of the title track captures the peak-hour danceability of tech house without the predictability that often accompanies. The Sapiens remix clocks in at a slightly lower BPM count while Zed White’s rendition follows a vaguely faster pace. Ri Za invokes the glassy melodies of deep house producers like Stephan Bodzin or Adriatique in his version, and Matt Black’s “Not Over Yet Remix” incorporates almost trance-reminiscent atmosphere into its own arrangement.

Closing The Distance

Being that Chris Sterio and Sean McClellan have teamed up on music as far back as 2008, it might come as a surprise that they live in different countries. Sterio hails from the Isle of Man, U.K., and McClellan calls Charlotte, North Carolina home.

Despite their ten years of collaboration the two artists have not officially formed a duo, and both release plenty of their own songs autonomously. Their joint ventures yield especially compelling results, however; the Grace EP has already received early support from Richie HawtinCID Inc and Gai Barone.

The Beatport-only release of Chris Sterio and Sean McClellan’s Grace EP is slated for April 30th, with a worldwide release date of May 14th.

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