Hardcore Jungle Forerunner Tango Dies Unexpectedly

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The electronic music world mourns an unforeseen loss this this week. Midlands-based hardcore jungle and drum and bass pioneer Tango A.K.A. Jamie Giltrap has passed away of causes not presently known to the public.

Giltrap’s discography charted the emergence of hardcore jungle into hardcore techno, which in turn laid the foundation for the drum and bass genre. Every step of the way, tracks like “Final Conflict,” “The Killer” and “Time Bomb” played no small role in shaping the evolution of each style.

In the 2000s Giltrap had shifted his focus away from DJing and producing to pursue training in the culinary world. He made a celebrated return in 2013 and had released music up until his passing; last year he launched a record label called Steel Fingers which specialized in releases of previously unearthed ’90s rarities.

In May of 2017 the dance music community also lost Marcus Intalex A.K.A. Marcus Kaye, who played a similar role in the evolution of jungle and drum and bass.

Source: Dancing Astronaut

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