Prok & Fitch Release Inventive “Angie” via Solä Records

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Prok & Fitch have achieved an uncommon balance between taste and danceability with their latest endeavor. Titled “Angie,” the single (which came out on Solä Records) offers more than a paint-by-numbers tech house track.

Cymbal-heavy percussion and an unassuming bass line certainly fit “Angie” for the dance floor. They’re but layers to be peeled away, though. A discordant synth arpeggio is teased intermittently until the breakdown of the track, when it rings out for several measures while undergoing a gradual, winding pitch bend.

Mason Maynard also contributed a “Big Ange” remix of the track. It favors the more accessible elements of “Angie” and leaves out its more experimental sections while also adding new drums into the mix.

“Angie” is one of numerous recent Prok & Fitch releases; the duo have put out their fair share of music in 2017. Most recently, they put out a three-tracker titled Seagulls following a remix of Green Velvet‘s “La La Land.”

“Angie” by Prok & Fitch arrived by way of Solä Records November 10th.

Source: Dancing Astronaut

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