EP of 11-Year-Old Seth Troxler and Omar-S Tracks to Come Out on Tuskegee Music

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Seth Troxler and Omar-S have chosen to unearth a handful of unreleased gems next month. Lost And Found consists of two collaborations between the two as well as a solo production by Troxler. It comes out on Tuskegee Music in October.

“Deep” and “Detroit After Midnight” bear the hallmarks of Troxler’s organic and borderline psychedelic signature sound, but both are infused with Omar-S’ classic deep house sensibility. On the flip, however, “Luiza’s Inferno” by Troxler is a more experimental cut with little dance floor utility to speak of.

Seth Troxler had released his debut single, “Moment,” on Omar S’ FXHE imprint 12 years prior. According to a statement, the former artist recorded “Luiza’s Inferno” on the latter’s Korg MS-20 monophonic synthesizer. Now that the roles have reversed to an extent and Troxler has become the more widely recognized fixture of underground electronic music, the new EP makes a symbolic statement of sorts.

Lost And Found will arrive by way of Tuskegee Music October 20th. A digital version has already been released, and the vinyl records can be pre-ordered here.

Source: Resident Advisor


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