Paul van Dyk Reveals Title and Release Date of Eighth Album

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A tenured figure in the electronic music world has made an announcement sure to send ripples through the global trance community. Paul van Dyk has shared that his eighth studio album, From Then On, will come out on his own VANDIT Records imprint the month after next.

Several of the 14 singles comprising the effort’s tracklist resulted from collaborations with prominent names in trance. M.I.K.E. PushAlex M.O.R.P.H. and Jordan Suckley are among those listed – in addition to Pierre Pienaar, who played a role in “Stronger Together,” a track that van Dyk premiered at Tomorrowland in Belgium last month.

Although he curiously doesn’t self-identify as a trance artist, Paul van Dyk remains one of the most widely respected artists among the movement’s impassioned enthusiasts. His work in the genre extends all the way back to its coalescence in the early to mid ’90s, when it emerged from melodic styles of techno popular in Germany at the time.

From Then On by Paul van Dyk comes out on VANDIT Records October 20th. Find the official tracklist for the album below.

1.  “While You Were Gone” (w/ Vincent Corver)
2.  “Inhale” (w/ M.I.K.E. Push & Fred Baker)
3.  “Touched By Heaven”
4.  “I Am Alive”
5.  “Everyone Needs Love” (w/ Ronald van Gelderen ft. Gaelan & Eric Lumiere)
6.  “Breaking Dawn” (w/ Alex M.O.R.P.H.)
7.  “Vortex” (w/ James Cottle)
8.  “The Code” (w/ Jordan Suckley)
9.  “Stronger Together” (w/ Pierre Pienaar)
10. “From Then On” (w/ Leroy Moreno)
11. “Fairytales” (w/ Steve Allen)
12. “Close Call” (w/ Tristan D)
13. “Escape Reality Tonight” (w/ Emanuele Braveri ft. Rebecca Louise Burch)
14. “Safe Haven”

Source: Dancing Astronaut

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