Video of Inga Mauer’s Assault at Flow Festival Emerges


This year’s edition of Flow Festival in Finland was overshadowed by allegations that security guards wrongfully assaulted and detained Russian DJ and producer Inga Mauer. For the first time since the incident, footage of the incident has reached the public.

The video clip (which has been slowed down to 80% speed by the poster) shows security guards approaching Mauer while she’s eating, then taking her by either arm and guiding her away from where she was seated. The interaction devolves into a spectacle when she resists, prompting the guards to forcibly restrain her while others stand in the way of the camera.

Mauer had originally posted the video to her Facebook profile, but subsequently took it down. She also removed a previous post describing her account of the exchange, which included details of her detainment and release by police officers following what transpired in the clip recorded by her friend’s boyfriend.

Spokespeople on behalf of security subcontractor Local Crew Oy have not responded to the allegations at this time.

Source: Only Techno

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