ANNA on Brazil: “Techno is Big There at the Moment”


Although techno has seen a worldwide surge in popularity as of late, it still hasn’t permeated every market. Count Brazil among those that have caught the wave, though. According to ANNA, her nation of origin has warmed up to the genre in recent years.

The Brazil-born, Barcelona-based DJ and producer recently spoke with Only Techno about a series of topics. On the subject of Brazil, she mentioned that nightclubs like Warung Beach Club and D-Edge were giving underground dance music more of a domestic platform than was previously available. She elaborated:

It is quite commercial yet but it is a great moment for underground, people are more open to listen to new and different stuff. Techno is big there at the moment. I moved from Brazil two years ago because I could not play my sound, I could not express myself the way I wanted but now when I come back to play there and I have an amazing time, things changed, for me and for the whole scene as well.

ANNA began playing records at 14 years of age and released music as DJ Anali and Anna Miranda before deciding on her present stage name. 2016 undoubtedly marked her breakout year; she embarked on her first U.S. tour and reached a personal milestone by signing a track to German label Diynamic.

During the interview, ANNA also touched on perceptions around female artists in dance music, pointing out, “we have to work much more to be heard.”

Source: Only Techno

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