Video from Raid of Moscow DIY Nightclub Rabitza Surfaces


Rabitza found itself in the crosshairs of Moscow authorities last week. The DIY techno nightclub had been raided by Russian police on August 6th, and a controversial video from the incident has now reached the masses.

Sources told Resident Advisor that plainclothes officers entered Rabitza just before 8:00 AM and began arresting staff members and attendees. The footage shows them exerting considerable physical force on several of them, with one officer kicking the club’s cofounder as he lies on the ground.

Rabitza is among a wave of nightclubs that have emerged as a result of Russia’s recent economic crisis driving rent costs down. As more traditional nightclubs like Solyanka, Monasterio and Arma have been forced to close down during their own financial difficulties, DIY creative spaces have become a more common option for Moscow partygoers.

A month ago, Rabitza had undergone a planned inspection in which the authorities announced themselves upon entry. This time, eight staff members were detained and two face charges, including cofounder Ivan Radzievsky, who has been released but is not allowed to leave Moscow for the time being.

On the Rabitza Facebook page, its owners have issued a statement requesting donations that will go towards court costs and keeping the venue open.

Source: Resident Advisor


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