Prydateer Podcast Shares a Set from Eric Prydz’ Hï Ibiza Residency

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To experience an Eric Prydz set firsthand is to understand why he has become such a ubiquitous presence in electronic music as of late. For those who haven’t, Prydateer Podcast offers the next best thing. The fledgling broadcast platform has uploaded a recording from the Swedish DJ and producer’s most recent Hï Ibiza performance to SoundCloud.

The set in question exhibits Prydz’ more melodic musings. It starts with what fans have dubbed his “Police Escort ID” (as he opened with the track at Tomorrowland after being rushed there by Belgian authorities at 160 MPH) and keeps the soaring synthwave arpeggios constant through the next couple of tracks. The tone gets more sinister around midway through the roughly one-hour recording before coming full circle near the end.

Night and Day

Eric Prydz boasts a diverse enough discography to cater to a wide range of house and techno fans during his performances. While the music he puts out under his birth name and his Pryda moniker have grown mostly interchangeable as of late, he reserves his Cirez D alias for techno singles – like his recent release, “The Accuser.”

The set recording was originally uploaded by BBC Radio 1 on August 5th, but they did not disclose whether it was from Prydz’ most recent Hï Ibiza set or one further back. Prydateer Podcast shared it on SoundCloud under a Creative Commons license shortly thereafter.

Eric Prydz continues his Hï Ibiza residency with a headlining set tonight, August 8th. His Tuesday weekly will draw to a close after two more performances on the 15th and 22nd.

Source: EDMTunes

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