Honey Dijon Announces Debut Album on Classic Music Company

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Chicago house and techno mainstay Honey Dijon has shared the news of her anticipated debut album via Classic Music CompanyBest Of Both Worlds consists of 12 singles produced by the DJ and producer, several of which are resulted from her collaboration with other notable artists.

The only track available from the effort at the time of writing is “Personal Slave,” which came out in April. Provocative spoken word samples contributed by Charles McCloud play out over wonky 303 bass lines in the single.

Decorated composer Tim K is credited as co-producer on numerous entries in the Best Of Both Worlds tracklist, and Sam Sparro, Joi Cardwell and Nomi Ruiz are among the vocalists featured on the effort. Honey Dijon has also given her 2016 Seven Davis Jr. collaboration titled “Houze” a makeover and included it in the album.

On Best Of Both Worlds, Honey Dijon has said:

The album is a personal statement. It was about taking these different worlds and combining them to make something new. The Best Of Both Worlds was a pun that I wanted to take, empower and own.

Best Of Both Worlds by Honey Dijon comes out on Classic Music Company in September. Find the effort’s tracklist below.

01. “Love Muscle” by Honey Dijon and Tim K feat. Nomi Ruiz
02. “Burn” (Remastered) by Honey Dijon and Tim K feat. Jason Walker
03. “Thunda” (Remastered) by Honey Dijon & Tim K feat. John Mendelsohn
04. “State Of Confusion ” by Honey Dijon feat. Joi Cardwell
05. “Personal Slave” by Honey Dijon feat. Charles McCloud
06. “Houze” (Houze Rebuilt Mix) Honey Dijon feat. Seven Davis Jr.
07. “Catch The Beat” by Honey Dijon feat. Cakes Da Killa
08. “Lift” by Honey Dijon
09. “Look Ahead” by Honey Dijon and Tim K feat. Sam Sparro
10. “808 State Of Mind” by Honey Dijon feat. Shaun J Wright and Alinka
11. “Why” by Honey Dijon & Tim K feat. Nomi Ruiz
12. “Burn” (Black Water Remix) by Honey Dijon & Tim K feat. Jason Walker

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