Ben Klock, Trevino and More Featured on New Klockwork Compilation

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German techno DJ and producer Ben Klock has announced that the 20th edition of a long-running compilation will arrive by way of his Klockworks artist label. Titled Klockworks 20, its 20-song tracklist comprises singles from 18 of the most prominent personalities in techno.

RODDax J, and Etapp Kyle are but a few of the artists who contributed songs to the effort. All offered up one single apiece – except for Sterac and Adam Craft, each of whom appear twice on the tracklist to bring the total to an even 20. Klock himself delivered the aptly titled “Twenty.”

In addition, “Sombre Tones,” which is the final work of Trevino A.K.A. Marcus Kaye, will appear on the compilation. The late Manchester DJ and producer (who also played drum and bass under the stage name Marcus Intalex) died of as-yet-unknown causes back in May.

Klockworks 20 comes out via Ben Klock’s Klockworks imprint on September 25th. Find the tracklist and album art for the effort below.

01. “Essay” by Etapp Kyle
02. “Let’s Go” by Jon Hester
03. “Aphite” by Adam Craft
04. “Lately” by Sterac
05. “Twenty” by Ben Klock
06. “In The Middle” by DVS1
07. “Sombre Tones” by Trevino
08. “Dance Of The Warrior” by Newa
09. “Late Night Mistress” by Dax J
10. “Extra” by ROD
11. “Scientific Methods” by Sterac
12. “Flux” by Troy De Lugt
13. “Dark Fader” by Heiko Laux
14. “Perdita” by Jay Clarke
15. “Substract” by Ritzi Lee
16. “Acid Modo” by Reus
17. “Cops” by High Position
18. “Dense” by Yoikol
19. “Pacelane” by Adam Craft
20. “How I Feel” by Vincent

Album Art Klockworks 20

Source: Resident Advisor


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