Mark Sherry Releases Tech Trance Juggernaut “Music of the Earth”

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Mark Sherry‘s new release demonstrates why his name has practically become synonymous with the tech trance genre. The Scottish DJ and producer premiered the single on a recent episode of The Outburst Radioshow, and now “Music of the Earth” sees an official release on his artist label, Outburst Records.

“Music of the Future” clocks in at 140 BPM, and undergoes a series of inventive changes throughout its eight-minute duration. An exhilarating pursuit of the tech trance ideal, it embodies a tug of war between euphoric and dissonant sonic imagery, even segueing into a tastefully executed breakbeat shortly before the 5:30 mark.

Riding the Wave

Prior to releasing music under his birth name, Mark Sherry had formed the hard-hop group Public Domain in 1999. It wasn’t until 2006 that he launched his solo career, with his first big trance single arriving in the form of his 2007 Terry Terminal collaboration, “Walk Away.”

If recent trends are any indicator, however, Sherry’s longstanding dedication to the tech trance genre could open more doors for him than ever before. Event brands like Dreamstate have introduced a new generation to more obscure sounds like psytrance, but as the style inevitably becomes passé the youngest crop of dance music fans might set their crosshairs on tech trance in the months to follow.

“Music of the Earth” by Mark Sherry came out via Outburst Records today, July 31st. Download or stream the single here.

Source: Trance Project

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