Kevin Saunderson Updates 1998 Album as Heavenly Revisited

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A DJ and producer who played no small role in the birth of techno has reworked one of his classics. Nearly 20 years after he originally released the album under his E-Dancer moniker, Kevin Saunderson has breathed new life into Heavenly and re-released it as Heavenly Revisited.

The conceptual core of each of the 19 singles comprising the 1998 effort’s tracklist remain, but with improved sonics. The Detroit superstar also modified the arrangements of certain singles to varying degrees. Spanning the breadth of the house and techno spectrum, songs from Heavenly Revisited could easily find their way into a contemporary DJ set.

Kevin Saunderson A.K.A. The Elevator

E-Dancer is but one of the aliases adopted by Kevin Saunderson over the course of his career. However, as a member of the Belleville Three – the group of artists widely credited as the originators of the techno genre – he earned another nickname. Juan Atkins and Derrick May came to be known as “The Originator” and “The Innovator,” respectively, and Saunderson was dubbed “The Elevator” for his role in popularizing the developing style of music outside of Detroit.

Kevin Saunderson released Heavenly Revisited through his artist label, KMS Records, on June 30th. This month, he, Atkins and May will conclude their reunion tour as the Belleville Three with a performance at Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium on July 22nd.

Source: Dancing Astronaut

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