Kanye West Leaves Jay-Z’s Tidal Over $3 Million Dispute

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Tidal was practically doomed from the start, but the latest development might be the final nail in the coffin. Kanye West has reportedly ended his business relationship with the streaming service launched by Jay-Z after being owed upwards of $3 million.

According to TMZ, West’s lawyers had written Tidal to inform them that he would be cutting ties with the company over their alleged breach of contract. In response, Tidal has threatened to file suit if Kanye West partners with another streaming service.

Good Intentions

Ironically, Jay Z founded Tidal in 2014 with the welfare of artists in mind. Aside from lossless audio and high-definition video, paying out the highest percentage of royalties was core to the brand’s mission statement. West was among a group of artists including deadmau5Calvin HarrisMadonnaNicki Minaj and Jack White who at one time or another owned equity in the company.

However, West’s lawyers allege that he had been promised a bonus for his 2016 album The Life of Pablo bringing 1.5 million new subscribers to the service that he never received – and for music video reimbursements.

Neither Kanye West nor Jay-Z have issued an official statement about the former artist parting ways with Tidal as of this writing.

Source: EDM.com

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