Giuseppe Ottaviani Drops Notched-Up Remix of Maria Healy’s “Desiderata”

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“Pure trance movement” advocate Giuseppe Ottaviani has delivered a remix likely to get the worldwide trance community’s seal of approval. The Italian DJ and producer tried his hand at reinventing Maria Healy‘s “Desiderata,” and what he came up with hits just a bit harder than the original.

In place of the source material’s pillowy synth melody, Ottaviani fitted his remix with a rapid, chugging arpeggio. Both versions hinge around the same gentle smattering of piano keys and female vocals at the break, although the re-rub builds up to a more exhilarating peak shortly thereafter.

A veteran of the trance world, Giuseppe Ottaviani has amassed a bigger following in recent years as the genre’s recent resurgence has exposed it to a younger generation of fans. Alongside Irish DJ and producer Solarstone A.K.A. Richard Mowatt – who himself spearheaded the pure trance movement – he also performs under the stage name Pure NRG at nightclubs and festivals across the globe.

Giuseppe Ottaviani’s remix of Maria Healy’s “Desiderata” arrives by way of John O’Callaghan‘s Subculture artist label tomorrow, June 30th. Ottaviani continues his world tour with a performance at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles on July 1st.

Source: The Trance Project

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