NYC Record Shop Other Music Chronicled in New Documentary


The NYC underground is a hotbed of music culture in which record stores play a significant role. One in particular – the no-longer-operational Other Music – is receiving its own documentary courtesy of producer/directors Puloma Basu and Rob Hatch-Miller.

OTHER MUSIC: The Story Of An Iconic Independent Record Store will feature actual footage from the shop’s operations between 1996-2016 in addition to interviews with key figures involved. As can be gleaned from the trailer, the record store became an all-pervasive force in not only underground dance music but also indie, folk, experimental, rock and hip-hop.

The film is being funded via Kickstarter, and has raised just shy of $18,500 as of this writing – although its “all or nothing” goal is $70,000 by July 27th. On the Kickstarter page, a statement by Basu and Hatch-Miller reads:

When we first heard Other Music was closing, we were devastated. We both have a deep connection to the store. Rob is an ex-staff member, and Puloma was a longtime customer and a friend to many people at the store. Other Music was a place where we both learned a lot about music, were introduced to New York City culture, and gained a second family in a daunting new city. Through our ties to Other Music we met each other, got married, and became filmmaking partners. We are so honored to be able to tell the story of a place that was so special to us and to our life in New York City, as it was to so many other people around the world. We hope to make a film that captures the spirit of Other Music and helps to further cement its legacy as one of New York City’s most important musical landmarks.

Another passage of the Kickstarter page mentions that $70,000 is not the full anticipated budget for OTHER MUSIC: The Story Of An Iconic Independent Record Store  – just enough for a rough edit to use to secure distribution and apply to film festivals.

Source: Mixmag

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