The Black Madonna Talks About Her Run-In with a Cop on Horseback

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The Black Madonna is one of dance music’s more outspoken personalities as evidenced by her recent keynote speech at the International Music Summit (IMS) Ibiza on May 24th. Among other things, the Chicago DJ and producer (whose real name is Marea Stamper) described an incident involving an officer of the law, a horse, and an illegal warehouse rave.

During a part of her speech in which she discussed how “crack house” laws had put a damper on the early dance music scene, Stamper briefly segued into one of her own relevant experiences. Upon hearing the hoofbeats of a horse behind her while overseeing an unlicensed gathering, she recalled turning around to see a police officer approach her.

To Stamper’s relief, she said that the officer turned around and left after she told him that the event was “an electronic music convention” with “artists and academics that [had] flown in from all over the world.”

Stamper also discussed the issue of women’s role in dance music, extrapolating the injustices facing females in the industry to include those plaguing minorities and transgender individuals as well. Her voice had been among the louder ones following Berlin DJ and producer Konstantin‘s recent sexist remarks, so her comments on the matter are more relevant now than when she made them during her speech last month.

The Black Madonna continues her tour with a performance at Love International Festival in Tisno, Croatia tomorrow, June 28th.

Source: Mixmag

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