Laurine Frost Serves Up Stirring Remix of Ada Kaleh’s “Palatul De Cleştar”

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Ahead of the release of Romanian DJ and producer Ada Kaleh‘s upcoming LP on R&S Records, the influential Belgian label has released one of the remixes included on the tracklist of the effort. Laurine Frost‘s reimagining of “Palatul De Cleştar” strips the source material down to its core elements.

What Frost sacrificed in instrumentals he made up for in texture. The rich clarinet samples of Kaleh’s original mix exist only in brief windows of the arrangement, in which reverberant bass and percussion are utilized to paint a more abstract mental picture.

“Palatul De Cleştar” (which translates to “the glass piece”) and its remix only comprise one half of the LP; “Devotare” (which translates to “devotion”) and its rerub by Cosmin TRG account for the remainder. Kaleh had previously released both originals on his vinyl-only Ada Kaleh România imprint in 2014 and 2013, respectively.

Although not unanimously popular among techno fans across the globe, the Romanian take on the genre has grown more popular in recent years. R&S Records’ history in electronic music extends back even further. Founded in 1984, the Belgian label has provided a platform for the likes of Aphex TwinJuan Atkins and Ken Ishii over the course of its lifetime.

Ada Kaleh’s LP officially comes out on R&S Records July 7th. For more information or to purchase a copy, visit the R&S Records website.

Source: Only Techno

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