There is Still Water Covering the Burning Man Playa

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Standing water left over from a particularly inclement winter is fueling rumors that Burning Man may not take place as planned this year. Speculations began to circulate earlier in the year after much of the Nevada desert’s Black Rock City remained submerged, and the persistence of these playa puddles could indeed force the transformational festival to relocate.

Floods sweep over the playa every few years, and none have stayed long enough to pose any issue for event organizers in previous years. However, according to a source the puddles must be shallow enough for Department of Public Works vehicles to drive through them at some point in July for preparation work to commence in August.

One of the more picturesque images of the Burning Man playa lake captured by Ted K. Stoltling back in March.

According to the Facebook page Black Rock Weather, as of June 16th the portion of Black Rock City on which Burning Man takes place “for all intents and purposes, [was] dry.” A post on the 22nd revealed that a subsequent rainfall had left puddles on the playa once again, though. If the water does evaporate in time for the gathering to keep on track with its production schedule, it will have been by a narrow margin.

A spokeswoman on behalf of the festival named Megan Miller dismissed the concerns, saying, “We still have a solid month of drying out to do, but, honestly, we don’t think we’ll ever have to cancel the event.” Nonetheless, she stated that officials were making it a point to “determine decision-making timelines and potential alternatives.”

Burning Man’s 2017 edition is slated to begin on Sunday, August 27th and extend through Monday, September 4th. The festival’s organizers have not officially disclosed a backup location at this time.

Source: Daily Mail

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