Eraldo Bernocchi & Netherworld Deliver Ambient Album Himuro via Glacial Movements


Glacial Movements‘ latest release is the culmination of a creative partnership two years in the making. Italian guitarist and composer Eraldo Bernocchi collaborated with the label head Alessandro Tedeschi A.K.A. Netherworld on a dark and dissonant ambient album titled Himuro.

In Japan, the “himuro” was an ice cellar built into castles during the country’s Edo and Meiji periods. As with other Glacial Movements releases, the six tracks comprising the effort do embody a vast coldness. Unlike much of what comes out on the imprint, though, each song on Himuro is overshadowed by subversive mental imagery characteristic of Bernocchi’s productions.

Bernocchi is a veteran of electronic music, having produced under the moniker Sigillum-S since 1985. In addition to a laundry list of collaborators diverse enough to include Mick Harris, DJ Disk and Markus Stockhausen, he is often invited to perform and assist with events organized by the Dalai Lama in Italy.

Eraldo Bernocchi and Netherworld’s Himuro comes out today, June 23rd, through Glacial Movements. To hear each track of the album and purchase one or more, visit the label’s Bandcamp page.

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