Waves Audio Launches Creative Access Service, Ends Sales of Individual Plugins

by | Apr 20, 2023 | Software, Tech | 0 comments

Via Waves Audio‘s Creative Access platform, plugins now only work via the Waves Essential and Waves Ultimate plans. In an email to customers, Waves states the shift to a subscription-only service is for users “to have everything you need — instantly at your fingertips, always.”  

Updates and additions to the Essential bundle will be for select plugins, while the Ultimate bundle will receive new plugins regularly.

The Ultimate plan comes with Waves’ latest Spherix compressor and limiter suite, suitable for users working in Dolby 7.1+ mixing environments.

StudioVerse is available in both bundles. The plugin uses AI-search to create many combinations of audio mixing chains.

Waves’ Essential bundle offers over 110 plugins to choose from at $14.99/month; the Ultimate bundle offers over 220 plugins at $24.99/month. Both come with a two-month free trial of sample software Splice Sounds+.

On Twitter, Waves stated that owners of individual Waves plugins will continue to carry the license. The license is nonetheless only valid for the latest version installed before the release of Creative Access.

Find more information and purchase subscription plans on Waves’ website

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