Crate Digging With Andrew Wowk – 10 Gems From March

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Whether you’re a casual listener, a hardcore music nerd, or somewhere in between, the sheer volume of new music released on a daily basis means some gems will invariably pass you by. Crate Digging is a monthly roundup of top-tier tunes you might have missed from across the electronic music spectrum. From obscurities uncovered during trips down Bandcamp rabbit holes to the latest releases from legendary artists, Crate Digging is here to keep your collection up to date.

1. Neil MacLeod – Curer (Second Self Remix) [Particle Recordings]

New Zealand producer Neil MacLeod’s dark, cinematic track “Curer” gets reimagined as a thunderous breakbeat journey by Second Self. Chopped-up snippets of MacLeod’s vocals are layered over a cavernous two-step beat and lush synths before it takes centre stage during an epic breakdown.

2. Fantastic Man – Nebula Nights [Superconscious Records]

A digital-only bonus track from the second installment of his Visions Of Dance series, “Nebula Nights” is a low-slung, psychedelic trip. Fantastic Man deftly weaves together euphoric chords, wonky bleeps, and warm bass together, all underpinned by a steady breakbeat loop.

3. Scotch Rolex & Shackleton – Shattered [Silver Triplet]

Death by Tickling by Scotch Rolex and Shackleton

New label Silver Triplet storms out the gates with a collaboration between Scotch Rolex and Shackleton, two of electronic music’s most fearless mavericks. “Shattered” takes the recognisable sonic palettes of each artist and mashes them together into a off-kilter mixture of tribal drums, gnarly echoes, experimental sound design, and unpredictable rhythm changes.

4. Adolpho & Franky – Red District Ballade (Zillas On Acid Remix) [Folklor Nation]

Folklor Nation bosses Adolpho & Franky land on their fledgling imprint with “Red District Ballade,” a chuggy, mid-tempo house track full of attitude. Zillas On Acid add some extra grit in their remix with an undulating, acid-tinged bassline and skippy drums, peppering the groove with the original’s tripped-out vocal hits.

5. Amy Kisnorbo – Squidge [Pineapple]

A rapidly rising talent in the bass music scene, Amy Kisnorbo is making a name for herself as a forward-thinking artist who combines elements of grime, breakbeat, jungle, and electro. On “Squidge,” she adds ghetto-tech to the mix, delivering an up-tempo, snappy, and unabashedly fun dance floor burner.

6. Men From The Nile Feat. Peven Everett – Watch Them Come [Undaground Therapy Muzik]

Legendary label Undaground Therapy Muzik, originally launched in 1996 by Roy Davis Jr. and Odell Brazier, is re-releasing their entire back catalogue digitally, starting with their biggest hit “Watch Them Come.”  A collaboration between Roy Davis Jr., Jay Juniel, and Peven Everett, it’s a classic deep house cut with an instantly recognizable vocal refrain and a quirky, future-jazz lead synth.

7. Angus Mills – Herbert St [Moonshoe]

Taken from Angus Mills‘ debut release on Moonshoe, “Herbert St” is deep, meditative electronica with tasteful nods to dub and psybient with its swirling reverb washes and hypnotic sine sequences. This one fits perfectly in the space between the dance floor and the after party couch.

8. Forest On Stasys – Ritmica Natural [Danza Nativa]

Forest On Stasys cement their position amongst the upper echelon of artists producing heady, intricate, and spacious techno with “Ritmica Natural.” Stripped-down, organic drums and wispy, echoed atmospherics give the track an eerie atmosphere only amplified by the French spoken word passage that sits on top.

9. Peter van Hoesen – Imposter [Time To Express]

A Swing Is Not A Throw by Peter Van Hoesen

Constructed from just a fragment of the countless hours of individual sounds he has been using on-the-fly during his live shows over the past 12 months, “Imposter” is quintessential Peter Van Hoesen. Tunneling, sharp-focussed hypnotic techno with a gnarly, worm-like lead synth.

10. Pugilist & Tamen – Lithium (Dwarde & Tim Reaper Remix) [DEXT Recordings]

An absolute dream team come together for all-out breakbeat hardcore madness. Contemporary dons of drum break manipulation Tim Reaper and Dwarde remix regular collaborators Pugilist and Tamen‘s “Lithium,” turning it from a deep, atmospheric jungle cut into an assault of chopped-and-screwed breaks, rave-ready synths, classic vocal samples, and massive sub bass.

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