Clone Distribution Drops Nina Kraviz’s трип Label

by | May 18, 2022 | Stories | 0 comments

Rotterdam, Netherlands-based independent music distributor Clone Distribution has dropped Russian DJ Nina Kraviz and her трип (translation: Trip) label over her response to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The decision was detailed in a statement written by Clone founder Serge Verschuur, in which he criticizes Kraviz for her “pro-Putin” views and her decision to “stay silent” in regards to what many around the world consider atrocities committed in Ukraine. “By refusing to choose sides, and by not speaking out, Nina enables herself to continue her lifestyle and her life as a performing artist as if nothing is happening,” Verschuur wrote.

Kraviz’s response to the war up to that point had been a video of a slip of paper with the word “peace” written on it in Russian. In a recent TIME article, artists such as Nastia and Pavel Milyakov (a.k.a. Buttechno) have criticized Kraviz’s silence on the war and asked her to clarify her stance.

Following the publishing of the story, Kraviz posted a statement on Instagram, saying, “As a person, musician and artist I’m deeply moved by what’s happening in the world. It’s appalling what my country’s relations have become. I am against all forms of violence. I am praying for peace. It pains me to see innocent people die.”

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