Ferdinger’s Palette EP Impresses with Synthy Techno Sound

by | Apr 3, 2022 | Fast Techno, Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

Ferdinger‘s second release on Instabul record label Primus, an LP titled Palette, is four tracks of fast-paced, synth-heavy techno that starts with a bang and don’t slow down.

“Mauersegler,” the first track, sets the tone with a beat that quickly explodes into a complex soundscape of harsh grooves and dark synth sounds oozing with a self-assurance that demands the listener’s attention. Things rarely slow down throughout the rest of the LP’s four tracks, with each piece delivering new surprises thanks to Ferdinger’s unique ability to combine numerous sounds into something truly special. The entire package delivers a versatile, high-energy listening experience.

Palette by Ferdinger

More About Ferdinger

Originally from the south of Germany, Ferdinger has been producing techno in Paris, France since 2018. He founded his own record label, Life In Patterns, in 2017. The label focuses on cultivating dance floor-oriented techno tracks that walk the line between minimalism and dynamic versatility.

Life In Patterns currently has four releases under its belt, consisting of work created by Ferdinger himself. He has also released work on records labels such as ARTS and Ismus. Key elements of his works include variety and repetition while focusing on unique timbres, structural forms, and diverse sound textures.

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