Berlin Clubcommission Calls for Dancing Ban to be Lifted

by | Dec 15, 2021 | Industry, Stories | 0 comments

A week ago today, the German government announced a ban on dancing inside nightclubs. Clubcommission, an organization aimed at protecting Berlin’s iconic club scene, is calling on officials to rescind the ban.

Due to a recent surge of COVID-19 cases throughout the country, German politicians began enforcing stricter COVID-19 restrictions including the dance ban. Now, Clubcommission is asking that the ban be replaced with PCR testing.

Clubcommission chairwoman Pamela Schobess took to Instagram to express her thoughts. “In the current climate, we can understand restrictions,” she said. “We need a long-term solution here, so as not to bring out cultural life to a standstill with every further wave. PCR tests offer security here.”

She went on to reference a pilot program from August 2021 titled “Clubcultre Reboot.” The program involved a reopening of nightlife together with the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. They found that thanks to efficient PCR testing, the risk of indoor infections was reduced “many times over.”

To bolster their cause, Clubcommission is offering its own PCR solutions to the government. This involves attendees receiving their PCR results via a QR code. With this code, they can visit clubs throughout Berlin.

On December 14th, 52,223 new COVID-19 cases were reported in Germany.

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