Holden Federico Debuts on SK_eleven Sub Label SK_X with Deliverance EP

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The venerated SK_eleven has signed the latest release by Holden Federico to its SK_X sub label. The Deliverance EP consists of dark, hypnotic and even melodic techno. It released in digital and vinyl format on October 22nd.

“This Is Who You Are” pairs a stripped-down melody with ambient textures before “Either One Of Us” takes the EP in a more suspenseful direction. “As Infinite” employs more chord progression than any other track on the effort, and the title track closes it out with another dark, brooding motif.

Who is Holden Federico?

Based in New York City and boasting a classical music background, Holden Federico is just beginning to establish himself as a recording artist. Prior to the Deliverance EP, he cultivated an audience on Instagram as a crate digger of ’90s techno classics.

An SK_eleven release certainly reinforces his credentials. The label has largely served as an artist imprint for releases by its founder, Setaoc Mass. The SK_X series has signed releases by the likes of CravoYant and Rene Wise, however.

The Deliverance EP is sold out in 12-inch vinyl record format. Purchase it in digital format via SK_eleven Bandcamp.

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