Gabriella Vergilov’s “The Love Anthem” Receives Four Techno Remixes

by | Oct 9, 2021 | Acid Techno, Dark Techno, Hypnotic Techno, Minimal Techno, Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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In late 2020, Bulgarian producer, DJ, and singer Gabriella Vergilov‘s “The Love Anthem” was released as part of Northern Parallels‘ Gradual Landscapes compilation to much acclaim. Now, four remixes for the track have been released, each one bringing with it a unique and exciting take on the original. In addition to Lindsey Herbert, Ray Kajioka, and Mike Derer, Vergilov has also put forth her own alternate version of “The Love Anthem” as part of the remix package.

Herbert, who hails from San Francisco, kicks things off with a driving, hypnotic techno spin that employs Vergilov’s vocal samples as a rhythmic element. She repeats them in sync with the rolling bass line and percussive elements to create a perfect peak time atmosphere. Kajioka’s remix highlights syncopation in the drums with a sizzling off-time snare and ride cymbal that change the groove of the track, as it builds toward an airy, pad-laden breakdown that mirrors the melodic elements of the original.

Subdued drums give way to a distorted synth lead in Derer’s minimalistic rework, giving the track room to underscore the vocal samples in a dreamlike fashion. Vergilov herself rounds the release out with her “Acid Bang Remix,” which lives up to its name with a playful arpeggiated synth that evolves throughout the song as a dirty kick drum punches through. The remix is entirely different from its ethereal original, trading in a soothing atmosphere for a more upfront and aggressive approach.

With the help of three skilled techno compatriots in Herbert, Kajioka, and Derer, Gabriella Vergilov’s latest offering only further progresses an already impressive catalogue that includes releases on Enemy Records, PALINOIASuara, and more in addition to her previous offerings on the Northern Parallels imprint.

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