Momo Müller’s Volca Sample Editor Controls Hardware Settings Virtually

by | Sep 7, 2021 | Software, Tech | 0 comments

A new software editor and controller for the Korg Volca Sample is now available.

Developer Momo Müller creates third-party virtual plugins for popular hardware devices like Novation‘s Circuit Tracks, Roland‘s SYSTEM-8, and the Arturia Microfreak. The latest addition to this controller library lets users edit all Volca Sample parameters and save them as a preset data file back into the device at any time.

The Volca Software Editor works standalone or can function as a VST plugin. When in VST mode, the Volca Sample Editor records hardware controller movements in any DAW as automation.

The Volca Sample Editor also has the ability to do X/Y modulation for any parameters, a feature not found on the Korg hardware. A randomizer generates new sounds that can be saved for each sample part. 909 bass drum samples and full 909 kits (called part kits) can be stored into hardware via the editor. 50 presets on the virtual instrument are also available for quick use or more inspiration.

Müller’s Volca Sample Editor costs $7.90, with the download link provided after payment. It is compatible for PC as 32/64 bit VST and standalone, and for MAC/M1 as VST, AU and 64-bit standalone. The editor works with Volca Sample versions 1 and 2.

Find more information about Momo Müller’s Volcano Sample Editor on their website.

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