New Independent Radio Station BAIHUI 百会 Launches in Beijing

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Culture, Stories, Streaming | 0 comments

A new underground music radio station has been launched in Beijing. BAIHUI 百会, a project by DJs Slowcook and Knopha along with other prominent Beijing-based artists and industry figures, launched this week with a focus on underground electronic music.

The station’s name refers to the acupuncture point at the top of the human head. According to a press release on the station’s official website, BAIHUI 百会 is described as “A meeting point for expression, a central crossing to which music fans can open their minds to new sounds,” likening it to that acupuncture point.

“You might have heard me talking about wanting to start a radio station in China since year 2018,” reads an Instagram post by Slowcook announcing the launch. “AND HIIII! This dream has come true!!!”

Listeners can tune in at the official BAIHUI 百会 website. It also features a tab for special DJ set picks, currently from the likes of Mr. HoYu Su, and DJ Zhuozhuo. On June 24th and 27th, BAIHUI 百会 will re-air eight specially selected DJ sets from the Zhaodai On Leave music festival in Aranya in late May, courtesy of Shy BeefSanyo, Knopha, Simon Frank, and more.

BAIHUI 百会’s hosts include Hao, Wu Zhuoling, and Cora in Chengdu, DJ Zhuozhuo and Gong Gong Gong in Beijing, Hong Kong’s Mr. Ho, Eating Music Radio in Shanghai, and Canada’s Yu Su. Visit BAIHUI 百会’s official website for more information and the live broadcast schedule.

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