Bremmers Audio Design Releases MultitrackStudio, The First DAW To Support MIDI 2.0

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Bremmers Audio Design’s MultitrackStudio 10 is not a popular DAW by name – but it is the first to completely support the new MIDI 2.0 standard.

MultitrackStudio 10’s updates include support for MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) as well as MIDI 2.0 per-note controllers and pitchbend settings. The new standard of MIDI 2.0 and MPE allow expressing notes like playing a traditional wind, string or percussion instrument. In turn, MPE parameters on devices and plugins like the Roland A-88MKII and Xfer’s Serum now work fully within the DAW.

MultitrackStudio lets users build and record songs and arrangements in a track-by-track process, similar to a tape-based recorder. This simple approach proves ideal for songwriting and quickly recording live instruments. It comes loaded with effects and tools for time-stretching, mastering and a matrix sampler. The new MIDI 2.0 standard along with MultiTrackStudio 10’s ease of use introduces its users to a brand new realm of creativity.

One-Man Band

MultitrackStudio 10 offers many levels of their software at several affordable price points. The Lite version of MultitrackStudio  is free to download and provides up to three audio tracks. The registered versions with additional features are $69 for the Standard edition and $119 for the Pro edition.

Registered MultitrackStudio licenses purchased before October 28th, 2021 are $23 to move to the latest version, then $39 to upgrade from Standard to Pro. Purchases of MultitrackStudio after that date are eligible for a free upgrade. Once upgraded to version 10, future updates are free for the lifetime of the software.

MultitrackStudio is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac, and iOS as an iPad and remote app. Find out more information and more on Midi 2.0 on the MultitrackStudio website.

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