Eddie Fowlkes to Release Knuckle Head Series Vol. 6 via City Boy Music

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Detroit Techno, Heritage Artists | 0 comments

First-wave Detroit techno innovator Eddie Fowlkes has announced the next edition of his long-running EP series. Knuckle Head Series Vol. 6 will release in digital format on his own City Boy Music April 9th.

The two-tracker starts out with “Test Unknown,” a stripped-down yet cerebral cut that showcases Fowlkes’ distinctive technosoul style. “All The Way Edits” follows with a more layered motif, its simple vocal refrain setting the pace as subtle elements gradually feather in. As a whole, the effort encapsulates the mixture of melody and dissonance characteristic of early Detroit techno while still bearing the unique hallmarks of Fowlkes’ sound.

Eddie Fowlkes was one of the earliest producers of the electronic music that would come to be known as Detroit techno, with his discography dating back to “Goodbye Kiss” in 1986. His music appeared on the 1988 Virgin Records UK compilation Techno! The New Dance Sound of Detroit, which popularized the style overseas.

February 2020 marked the debut of the Knuckle Head Series as well as the relaunch of Fowlkes’ City Boy Music record label. Prior to that, he primarily released music via his other imprint, Detroit Wax, after landing on mainstay labels like Tresor Records and Metroplex.

Knuckle Head Series Vol. 6 will be followed by the next edition of the series in May.

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