KOLTER Covers Ground in First-Ever PILOT Release, Went Too Far

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Johannes Kolter has moved away from his DJOKO alias to deliver the inaugural release on fledgling label PILOT under his KOLTER moniker. Went Too Far sees the Cologne producer explore a broad swath of sound between UK garage and breakbeat. It releases in vinyl format March 26th.

The title track leads the effort in with a futuristic, electro-tinged breakbeat groover. “Get Into It” and “Selectoor” each infuse hip-hop flair into dance floor-ready garage rhythms, the latter track especially standing out for its sublimely smooth bass line. “Illumination” closes the effort out on an introspective note with tranquil pads and vocals ringing out over a broken beat.

Johannes Who?

Johannes Kolter’s debut release as DJOKO was the 2016 EP Solace Rhythm on which he collaborated with Luca Secco. His first few offerings exuded the same throwback sensibility of Went Too Far, but the project eventually settled into a Perlon-esque minimal house sound.

He introduced KOLTER with two tracks on last year’s Doppelleben EP on Talman Records, which also included entries credited to DJOKO. The former alias would appear to be a return to the original sound that he championed in the early years of the latter.

Went Too Far is available for preorder in 12-inch vinyl record format via deejay.de.

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