Ø [Phase] to Inaugurate Modwerks Record Label with New Album, Before This

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Minimal Techno, Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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With over 20 years’ worth of releases under his belt, Ø [Phase] is starting his own record label. Modwerks, as it’s called, will debut with a 12-track minimal techno album by the South West London producer and engineer himself. Before This releases on March 12th in digital and vinyl formats.

Ahead of the album drop, Ø [Phase] (real name Ashley Burchett) has shared two of its tracklist entries. “All I Could Think About” sees Burchett thoroughly explore the dynamic range with slow-burning, psychedelic sound design. “Liquid Form” offers slightly more tension while keeping the nuanced balance between high and low end frequencies unique to the producer’s signature style.

Two Decades of Ø Phase

Parallel to mastering records for mainstream acts while working at Sony Music‘s London studios in the late ’90s, Ashley Burchett began working on his own techno tracks. He inaugurated the Ø [Phase] project in 2000 with a 12-inch record titled Module Overload via Steve Bicknell‘s Cosmic Records.

In addition to dozens of EPs – most of which arrived by way of Kr!z‘ Token Records – Burchett has released two albums: Frames Of Reference in 2013 and Alone In Time? in 2015. He has not publicly shared whether Modwerks will serve as an artist imprint or give a home to music by other artists.

The limited edition double vinyl record for Before This is sold out at the time of writing. Pre-order the digital album via Ø [Phase]/Modwerks Bandcamp.

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