Booz Releases Minimal Techno EP Arcadia via Edit Select

by | Jan 8, 2021 | Minimal Techno, Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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Out via Edit Select is the latest EP EP by Italian DJ and producer BoozArcadia, as its titled, comprises six DJ tools with sound design intricate enough to earn them high marks for conceptual merit. It came out on the Glasgow record label December 2nd.

Arcadia sees Booz explore high-end frequencies on tracks like “Phantom,” “Orione” and “Axam,” whose siren-like tones stimulate the cortexes. “Nexus” and “Axam,” meanwhile, utilize bass-heavy soundscapes to evoke more primal mental imagery. Closing out the EP is “Andromeda,” the arguable standout for its suspenseful strings samples and thoughtful progression.

Booz debuted on Italo Business in 2011 with the more club-friendly “Cut The Rope.” Since then, he’s honed in on a more purist techno sound, landing on such labels as Prophet, Illegal Alien, Anaoh and Subsist.

Arcadia is available for purchase in digital format via Edit Select Bandcamp.

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